Management Team

Management Team

Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Sam Sook Yee

Supply Chain Assistant Manager

Ms Sam was join Hong Heng Transport on 1st of June 2018 as Purchasing Assistant. She appreciated on company giving her the oppurtunity to keep explore her career to another higher level...

From the beginning till today to be promoted as Supply Chain Assistant Manager, these was so amazing journey in her life.

Hong Heng company aspiration ” To a be financial platform for enthusiastic and potential entrepreneurs be our valued business partners“.

She deeply trust and align with this aspiration. For her, company couldn’t go far without teamwork. All staff playing an important role in a company.
She would like to say thank you to every Hong Heng team members to play role well on their position and perform excellently for every task assigned.

Not even herself, she promise that will guide whole team to achieve higher and higher level.

As our CEO said ” The mission could be completed well in 5 years, why we need to take 10 years to complete it?

Sam will keep moving forward without fears and tears, just because she had HONG HENG BIG FAMILY always by her side whenever she feel like falling down.


Admin cum HR Assistant Manager

I am graduated from International College University Twintech major in Account. I joined Hong Heng Group on year end 2019 as Account Executive. After half a year, company appreciatively promoted me as Assistant Manager of Office Management under Hong Heng Group...

For me, handling three different departments was quite challenging and must be well acknowledged about each of it.

Even though this quite tough nevertheless, I’m not easily losing hope thus I keep moving forward for the sake of continued success and for the company growth.

There is a said, ‘don’t feel too easy on what we’ve have now instead you need put more effort and give a chance to yourself to explore others alternative in order to gain a better version of yourself’.

Thank you.

Nicole Tung

Logistics Assistant Manager

Ms Nicole join Hong Heng Transport since 10 years ago. Until today, she is experienced in this industry...

Ms Tung handle all about truck, from truck arrangement to truck documentation.

She believe ‘nothing can’t be done with firm & resolute‘, in order to full-fill customer needs, she always do the best of her ability.

Lee Poi Sin

Business Development Assistant Manager

Ms Lee was sale represent when first join in Hong Heng...

She was a good learner and grown up fast, from sale represent been promote to assistant manager, she make an great effort.

She always believe ‘Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.’ Together with her team, create more value for company.