Since 2014, Hong Heng Transport own warehouses with volume capacity size of 3,000 tons of jumbo bags. We are keen to provide a much convenient storage & logistic solution for goods needed to be exported.

Our warehouse operations are operating with well-equipped machineries and fully completed with our own in-house delivery services with large fleet of Hong Heng trucks of varying capacity to ensure goods are delivered on time and exceeding customer’s expectations.

Our warehouse was equipped with CCTV facilities that enable us to remotely monitor and view our warehouses. We constantly further upgrade our equipment to exceed current market services to our customers.




Every company will seek for room of improvement in all aspects. In our company, we are scalable and is ready to grow and adjust to fulfil customer’s preferences at all time. We will try our best to evaluate your freight options and provide it to you. As our business is starting to explore into other new countries, our compliance and custom teams are here to service you.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce inventory carrying and freight costs

  • Well equipped machinery for daily warehousing operations

  • Save money on operational expenses, fixed overhead and taxes

  • Warehouse storage came with Hong Heng Logistic service for goods delivery

  • 24/7 security and fully equipped with CCTV facilities for warehouse remote monitoring

  • Entire fleet of truck standing by ensuring goods are delivered on time & exceeding client expectation


24 Hours Security

Reduce Time & Cost

Any Cargo Storage